Reflecting on my Role at Next Step Six

In this video I am reflecting on my role in the organisation of the Next Step Six conference. 

I was the social media manager of our Facebook and Instagram account as well as a moderator of the conference.

Social Media Manager

As part of the marketing team, I was responsible for the promotion of the Wednesday event via social media. In collaboration with Mia I devised a social media strategy for our event day that targeted media students as our main target audience. We met up with the Tuesday group to discuss our ideas for the strategy and hear about their ideas.

In November I set up our Facebook and Instagram page and filled out the page details. Mia designed a number of social media post graphics that we could use to promote the speaker day. It was my job to make sure that we were posting consistently and regularly and that the posts we put up were of good quality. 

To increase the reach of our social media accounts we all invited our Facebook friends to like and follow the NextStep6 page. In addition I followed a number of media students that Instagram suggested to our page and through people following back we gained nearly 20 new followers.


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Website Manager

Together with Tom I was also responsible for the NextStep6 website. I set it up and then Tom and I did the general design together. I then designed the speaker section and Tom made sure to keep it up to date with the latest speaker announcements. Once we had all agreed on a schedule, I designed one using Canva for our conference day as well as for the Tuesday and added it to our website. I moreover designed the programme for the Wednesday that we put on our website, posted on our social media and share in the Teams chat on the event day

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