"How to restore a boiler" is a short video documentary that was produced for The Watercress Line in Ropley.

I produced and edited this project.

Software used: Final Cut Pro

Director - Weronika Wallerowska

Producer and Editor - Alicia Graf

DoP - Mia Lukeman-Knight

"The Miller Siblings" is a fiction short film switten and directed by Louise Reynaud. 

I was the assistant producer and director of photography for this project. 

Equipment: Canon CV15, shoulder rig, tripod

Writer and Director - Louise Reynaud

Producer - Louise Renault, Marc Mensing, Alicia Graf

DoP - Alicia Graf

Sound - Marc Mensing

Editor - Louise Reynaud


In this vlog called "Photography Challenge" I am sharing how I have taught myself the fundamentals of photography and took my first professional-looking photographs.

I did the scripting, directing and editing.

Camera operator: Rochelle Hoedt


I have experiences in all parts of production from pre-production to post-production including pitching a concept, constructing a storyboard, script writing, producing, directing, casting, filming, lighting, audio recording, post-production.